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  • (+996) (3722) - 5-01-31 Kyrgyz Republic Chehova street 15,. Jalal-Abad city Postal code: 720903
  • (+996) (3722) - 5-01-31 Kyrgyz Republic Chehova street 15,. Jalal-Abad city Postal code: 720903
    46 ЦНИИ МО РФ

    History of the company

    The state of production of our products fully complies with the requirements of the “Regulations“, therefore having a production certification, OJSC “Nur“, as in previous years, produces radio-electronic products of special purpose with observance of all requirements of the defense ministries of the respective states. The quality management system (QMS) complies with ISO requirements.

    The implementation of these products is carried out both through dealer companies located in Moscow (LLC “Elenord“, CJSC “Radiokomplekt“, JSC “Antares“, JSC “Spets-elektronkomplekt“), and directly by the enterprise JSC “Nur

    Since 2001, the company has its own subsidiaries, such as LLC Al-Madina (Zhalal-Abad city), LLC Nur-Medik, LLC Ayub-Bulak, Nur College.

    JSC “Nur”, being an export-oriented enterprise, is interested in attracting new partners to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms with all companies of the world. Since August 2005, started bottling on various capacity (1L, 0.5L) of the famous Jalal-Abad water from well No. 4 of Jalal-Abad resort named “Jalal-Abad №4” and “Ayub-Bulak” has been started since August 2005.

    1993 year
    • OJSC “Nur” was established in 1993 on the basis of the “Plug Connector Plant” of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR, which was opened in 1944, where there was a motor repair factory.
    1963 to 1970 years
    • At the factory cylindrical type connectors SHR40; SHR32; SHR28; SHR12 have been mastered.
    1970 year
    • Small-size rectangular connectors RP-15 (more than 100 standard sizes) and connectors RBN4 (10 standard sizes), which are used in the release of various products – ranging from simple radio engineering devices to complex computer and aerospace engineering.
    1975 to 1980 years
    • At the factory, the range of goods for household use was expanded – electric cartridges, tees, sockets and plugs.
    1992 year
    • The plant was transformed into an open joint-stock company (OJSC) “Nur” as a result of denationalization and privatization. Since 1998, it has been listed among the listing companies of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange(KSE), which provides full transparency of transactions with securities of the company.
    1998 to 2008 years
    • JSC “Nur” actively cooperated with “General Motors UZ” (Uzbekistan, Asaka, Andijan region).

    Brief information about entersprise

    Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) «Nur» is located in the regional center in the city of Jalal-Abad, in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic. In the city there is an airport, a railway station, highways of state significance . On its technological capabilities OJSC «Nur» has all the main types of production:
    1. Stamping and automatic production: manufacturing of contact pairs, processing of body parts, cold sheet stamping. (pressing forces from 60 kN to 1000 N)
    2. Plastic production:  manufacturing of insulators, hull plastic products by the method of direct pressing on hydraulic presses with a force of 1000 to 2000 kN. Injection molding on thermoplastic automatic machine with an injection volume of 63-500 cm 3.
    3. Foundry production: manufacture of hull parts from aluminum alloys under pressure, weight of casting up to 1.5 kg.
    4. Galvanic production: application of protective coatings (cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium), as well as conductive coatings Cp (argentum).
    5. Welding production: welding different kinds of products by means of electric welding, welding in a shielding gas, spot welding, gas welding and cutting metals.
    6. Instrumental and thermal production:  manufacturing dies, molds, cutting tools, measuring and clamping tools and fasteners. All kinds of heat treatment are carried out: hardening, tempering, aging, cementing, soldering cutting tool high-frequency currents.
    7. Production for release: sparkled (non-sparkled) mineral (artesian) water in PET bottles of different capacities (0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters).
    8. Manufacturing of PET-preforms (flasks) from granular powder, production of covers.

    Technological capabilities of the enterprise

    • 1. The development of technological and design documentation deals: Department of Chief Technologist and Design Department. Development of design documentation for the manufacture of dies, molds, tooling, cutting and measuring tools .
    • 2. Manufacturing of dies: molds, tooling, cutting and measuring tools deals Tool department. The tool department has unique, up-to-date equipment and highly qualified personnel, which makes it possible to produce equipment of increased complexity and excellent quality.
    • 3. Plastic production is intended to:

    For manufacturing by pressing method from phenolic masses (phenolic) insulators, body parts, bases for current-carrying parts.

    For the manufacture by extrusion and injection molding on thermoplastic automation machines of body parts, covers, decorative products from materials of the group of polystyrenes and polyethylenes of low and high pressure.

    • 4. Foundry production: is intended for injection molding of aluminum and its alloys, with a casting weight of up to 1.5 kg. Aluminum and its alloys are used to manufacture hull parts for connectors of the SHR type, as well as consumer goods (bread baking plates, frying pans, coasters, etc.)
    • 5. Forging production:. is intended for cold stamping of sheet metal and strip with a thickness of material up to 2.5 mm. Stamped parts are intended for assembling of goods for national economic purposes, hull and contact pairs, connectors of RP15 type. Stamping production is equipped with presses up to 100 tons.
    • 6. Processing of metals by cutting: It is intended for the manufacture of contact pairs (pin, socket) for connectors, as well as processing of body parts made of aluminum alloys. The production is equipped with high-precision machine-tool and special equipment.
    • 7. Galvanic production Galvanic production is designed to apply a protective coating against corrosion, to improve electrical conductivity and decorative coating products. Galvanic production is equipped with automatic lines of “silvering”, “cadmium”, “galvanizing”, “nickel plating”.
    • 8. Assembly production is intended for assembling of electrical connectors of type SHR and RP 15, the goods of national-economic purpose (sockets, plugs, tees, etc.). The production is equipped with universal mounting tables and the necessary instruments for carrying out control tests and measurements.
    • 9. Department of paid services: population is designed to fulfill single orders for manufacturing: gears, shafts, spare parts for household appliances, agricultural machines, appliances, welding work, etc..
    • 10. The production of water in PET bottles: the water is poured in sparkled form from well No. 4 of Jalal-Abad resort under the name “Jalal-Abad №4”, and also “Ayub-Bulak” in PET bottles of different capacity (1L, 0.5L).