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  • (+996) (3722) - 5-01-31 Kyrgyz Republic Chehova street 15,. Jalal-Abad city Postal code: 720903
  • (+996) (3722) - 5-01-31 Kyrgyz Republic Chehova street 15,. Jalal-Abad city Postal code: 720903
    46 ЦНИИ МО РФ

    more than 65 years on the world market

    An enterprise with many years of experience

    Today, OJSC «Nur» is an industrial complex, whose technological capabilities make it possible to implement projects of high complexity: from the development of design and technological documentation to the assembly and testing of final products. The highest quality of products is confirmed by a number of international awards.

    The factory “Nur” was certified by the 46 Central Scientific Research Institute and included in 44 001.14 of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

    Address of the President of OJSC "Nur"

    The largest enterprise for the production of electrical connectors for general and special purposes – OJSC “Nur” (formerly the plant “Plug-in connectors”, Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan) was established in 1944. The enterprise’s products are used in military and civil aviation, cosmonautics, satellite communication systems and navigation, the construction of military ships and submarines, nuclear power, radar stations, rail and road transport.
    To date, the industrial complex of JSC “Nur” has a huge potential for producing high-quality products. The company employs highly qualified specialists, constantly conducts scientific research, develops new advanced technologies, increases production rates, and works to expand the scope of application of manufactured products. The plant actively participates in exhibitions, has a number of international awards. A consequence of the high evaluation of the company’s activities was a partnership with such a giant as the automotive company “General Motors Uzbekistan”.

    OJSC “NUR” understands, respects and values ​​the work of its partners, strives to protect them from the above-mentioned problems, to exclude the possibility of failure of contractual obligations, to deliver products to any point of Russia promptly and efficiently. To solve the tasks, the responsibilities of the Official Representatives of the factory “NUR” are assigned to the companies “ELENORD”, “Radiotehkomplekt”, “Antares” (Moscow). Thanks to the long-term cohesive work of the factory’s staff, the main goal-the trust of consumers was achieved. We are proud of our enterprise, its brand, cherish the trust and will do our best to justify it President of OJSC Nur


    President of OJSC “NUR”
    Tagaev Abdyzhapar Abdykaarovich
    Honored Worker of Industry of the KR
    Deputy Chairman of the ICMEC under OCST Business Council

    Our production

    Rectangular connectors ( RP-15)

    Cylindrical connectors ( SHR, 2RT-A, SSHR, SSHRG, SHRG, SHRG-P, R,RG, RG-P, SNP101, ONP-JG)


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